PR402DR Access Controller

PR402DR Access Controller

PR402DR access controllers may operate as standalone access control units or in integrated access control system with CPR32-SE network controller.
In standalone mode PR402DR autonomously supervise two-way door passage and do not need to communicate with PC nor any other equipment, events are registered in their internal buffer and time related functions are managed by built-in real time clock. Access control system based on PR402DR controllers can be managed locally through COM/USB serial port or remotely by computer network WAN/LAN.
Unit is equipped with power supply module and can operate with one or two readers. PR402DR is mounted inside plastic enclosure dedicated for installation on DIN rail.

Ordering guide

PR402DR Access Controller
  • PR402DR 
    Indoor access controller; DIN rail plastic enclosure

  • PR402DR-BRD 
    Electronic module of PR402DR access controller

  • PR402DR-12VDC 
    Indoor access controller; DIN rail plastic enclosure; supplied from external 12 V power supply unit

  • PR402DR-12VDC-BRD
    Electronic module of PR402DR-12VDC access controller


  • 12 VDC supply
  • 24 VDC, 18 VAC supply (except for PR402DR-12VDC)
  • mountable directly on a DIN rail
  • 8 programmable inputs
  • 4 programmable outputs
  • 2 relay outputs 1.5 A/30 V and 5 A/30 V or 230 VAC
  • programmed from PC
  • RS485, RACS Clock&Data, Wiegand 26..66bit, Magstripe communication interface
  • operation with RFT1000 readers
  • operation with long range readers
  • up to 4000 users
  • up to 32 000 built-in event buffer
  • up to 33 000 000 event buffer in network equipped with CPR32-NET
  • real time clock with battery backup
  • user groups
  • access zones
  • schedules
  • access control in elevators (XM-8 required)
  • local APB
  • global APB (CPR32 required)
  • interlocking
  • advanced access options: two users mode, conditional access, high security mode
  • operation with turnstiles
  • operation with barriers
  • random user inspection
  • integration with T&A system (RCP Master)
  • integration with intruder alarm system
  • integration with CCTV system (CCTV-DVR)
  • CE mark