Network Controller

CPR32-SE-BRD - Network Controller

CPR32-SE Network Controller is an optional Roger Access Control System (RACS) component. Using CPR32-SE in the system expands its functionality with specific features.
When used with PRxx1 series controllers CPR32-SE allows for logging events and defining time-based access rights. In case of PRxx2 series controllers, CPR32-SE provides a global anti-passback feature and grouping controllers into so called Alarm Zones.

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CPR32-SE-BRD - Network ControllerCPR32-SE-BRD 
Network controller for RACS 4 system; electronic module;
metal enclosure is offered separately (ME-1)


  • operation with up to 32 access controllers of PRxx1 or PRxx2 series
  • real time clock with battery back-up
  • schedules and calendars
  • global functions: Alarm Zones and Anti-passback Zones
  • 250 000 built–in event buffer
  • 4 NO/NC inputs
  • 2 transistor outputs 1 A/15 V
  • 2 relay outputs 1.5 A/30 V
  • programmable inputs/outputs
  • signalling of alarm conditions
  • RS485 interface (free topology)
  • power supply 18VAC or 12VDC
  • 1 A/12 VDC and 200 mA/12 VDC supply outputs
  • backup battery charging and monitoring
  • firmware upgrade
  • CE mark