USB 13.56 MHz MIFARE® Reader/Writer

RUD-3 USB 13.56 MHz MIFARE Reader/Writer

Miniature, portable reader/writer for 13.56 MHz MIFARE proximity transponders. RUD-3 is supplied from USB port, which is also used for communication with the device.
Depending on the product version RUD-3 can support 13.56 MHz MIFARE Classic and/or MIFARE DESFire transponders. Card code can be read/write to any sector of card memory. Transponders programming feature is provided through RogerVDM utility software (v.1.2.4 or higher).
RUD-3 can be used as universal card enrol reader (Roger MiniReader v.1.1.12 or higher required) or as administrator reader for RACS access control system (PR Master v.4.4.6 or higher; VISO v1.x) however, it can be also used in other applications or systems if integrated through available SDK.

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RUD-3 USB 13.56 MHz MIFARE Reader/Writer

MIFARE Classic/Ultralight USB reader and programmer

MIFARE DESFire USB reader and programmer

RUD-3 USB 13.56 MHz MIFARE Reader/Writer


  • MIFARE Classic transponders Ultralight®, 1K, 4K
  • read number CSN, SSN, MSN
  • write number SSN, MSN
  • reading distance for MIFARE Classic up to 6 cm
  • USB-HID communication interface
  • LED indicator
  • configuration from PC (RogerVDM software)
  • USB cable with magnetic stand
  • for indoor use only
  • SDK programming package
  • MIFARE DESFire transponders EV1 (refers to RUD-3-DES)
  • read number DESFire File (refers to RUD-3-DES)
  • write number DESFire File (refers to RUD-3-DES)
  • reading distance for MIFARE DESFire up to 3 cm (refers to RUD-3-DES)