USB EM 125 kHz Reader

RUD-2 USB EM 125 kHz ReaderRUD-2 is a miniature, portable reader for EM 125 kHz proximity transponders. The reader is supplied from serial USB port which is also used for communication with the device.
The RUD-2 can be used as a card enrolling reader for RACS. Besides it can also be utilized from the free Roger MiniReader software. There is also a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) available for programmers who want to integrate support for RUD-2 in their applications.

    NOTICE! Improvements in the new version of RUD-2 reader:
  • card readout is stable, fast and independent of computer performance
  • installation of dedicated drivers is not required

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RUD-2 USB EM 125 kHz Reader

EM 125 kHz USB reader

RUD-2 USB EM 125 kHz Reader Set


  • power supply 5 VDC from USB Port
  • average current consumption 80 mA
  • EM 125 kHZ cards (EM 4100/4102 compatibile)
  • reading distance up to 3 cm
  • as a reader for card enrolling to the RACS access system
  • as a reader for card enrolling through Roger MiniReader application
  • as a reader used in third party applications using a DLL library provided
  • dimensions: 88.0 x 30.5 x 14.5 mm (height x width x thickness)
  • weight: ≈20.0 g
  • CE mark
  • environmental conditions of operation:
    • humidity from 0% to 95%